Raise money for Bibles!

These are excellent ideas provided by Open Doors USA.

Movie Night
Using films from the Open Doors video library, have an afternoon or evening movie night. Charge $7 for each ticket, popcorn, a drink, and other snacks. If volunteers contribute the snacks, 100% of proceeds can go for Bibles.

Designate or Encourage Block Owners
Offer the opportunity for an individual member or small groups to own a block of 100 Bibles or more.

Coffee Bar
Sell hot and ice coffee and tea drinks at every church event, suggesting a donation of $7 per cup.

As the weather cools, conduct a city-wide walk-a-thon where walkers acquire sponsors at $7 per mile. Get media and local stations involved.

Summer Concert
With a popular singer or praise team, coordinate a summer or fall concert.

Combine Church Efforts
If your church has other important projects at this time, you can use these fundraising ideas to meet those needs. Designate 50% for Bibles and 50% for your church project.

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